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I am feeling better today. Right now I'm just hanging loose in the house. I was looking at the Sims3 Pets expansion pack right now, but my sims3 game is so laggy .. I lost patience with it. Soo.. I'm going to get my baby sister to sell it at Hock Shop Canada. (plug) I still have and avidly play the Sims2.

I will have pix later. =)


Oct. 26th, 2011 04:49 pm
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I'm down with a cold. Which bites. I couldn't go to the sz nurses, so...

Feeling crummy.

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 I just got up from a 2 hour catnap. As for pix, my battery's charging.. I put it on last night. Oh.. and I got a new icon. Thanks goes to Bitsy!

Later on I will do picspam.


Oct. 12th, 2011 05:34 pm
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 Well.. I got myself a special edition Mario DSi XL. Here is a picture. It seems that I forgot to charge my camera .. so I snapped a pic with my baby sister's DSi.

So.. it's a little blurry bcas I forgot to wipe the camera lens. Ah well. At least you know now.

I have a window open, bcas I like the cool night air.

And here is me...

I will charge up my camera battery and (hopefully) I can shoot off some pix for ya.

Oh and Sims2 stuff coming up.

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Coll & I
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I'm trying am avoiding a certain greasy politician in our riding who wants to scoop up our votes. He is Frank Klees and he is Progressive Conservative. In other words, a fat cat. I despise the Tories. In case you are scratching your head wondering if I have gone off the deep end,  here in Ontario Canada (my country)we are having a Premier (sort of like the US govener. (sic) election, so far the dopey Dalton McGuinty is in power, a liberal. Now, we vote to oust him (or maybe not.).

I am on the fence whether I should vote for Robin or Kristopher (sic)

Oh, yes.. when I got a new card (someone stole it), I sort of got a mini card too.. to put on a lanyard... huh.

Ok. Rant over. Dude seriously.

Sam XD
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 I am not a happy camper. They are thinking of cutting the movies. Shit. What next? If anything, they should cut the bloody social.

Other wise, it's the usual.
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Taken yesterday morning..
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 I've been on the move the whole day. First I went to the sz clinic, and then I went to the Wednesday afternoon craft group and saw Cindy & Cait.

We are making faux stained glass effect with colored foam and black construction paper.

And now, I am watching my favorite movie. (You got it. Copycat. =D)
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 I was playing the sims while taking short naps in between. This clonazipam is really getting to me, it's giving me akithesia now. =(

I need to rest.

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I`m currently waiting for Coll (my sis) and Grandma Liz, and so on.. to come back from the café bookstore.. I`m just chillin` downstairs. Well.. I asked Coll to get me some combos. Combos are a type of snack..
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Me out on the deck.

Hello. My name is Sam, and this, is where I hang my hat. Comment to be added..

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